Aspen Highwall Mining, LLC

Affiliated Companies – Aspen Highwall Mining, LLC

Formed in January of 2008 to contract highwall mine coal for Black Diamond Coal in Floyd County, Kentucky with the #59 machine.

Since 2008, Aspen has mined for IRP which is found in Gilbert, WV and Harold Keene Coal, located in Honaker, VA. In August of 2010, Aspen moved SHM #59 to contract Maple Coal Co. in Fayette and Kanawha counties of West Virginia.


Organized: 01/2008

Organized to remove coal by the highwall mining method for various companies.

Companies mined for:

  • Black Diamond Mining Company, LLC
  • IRP
  • Harold Keene Coal Co, Inc.
  • Maple Coal

Operated SHM Machine #59 and auxiliary support equipment leased from affiliated company Contour Highwall Mining, LLC.

Aspen Highwall Mining with the #59 machine set Terex depth record in a 28 inch coal seam of 1030 feet while cutting 33 inches with 98 consecutive holes over 1,000 ft. depth.


Awards Received: 

Sentinels of Safety Award for Highwall Miner No.59 2008