Contour Highwall Mining, LLC

Affiliated Companies – Contour Highwall Mining, LLC

Contour Highwall Mining, LLC owns CAT/SHM Highwall Miners #12, #27, and #46 along with certain ancillary equipment. The company leases the equipment to various operating companies, with the same ownership, to conduct actual mining operations. SHM #12 is under lease to Eagle Highwall Mining LLC, SHM Machine #27 is under lease to Alliance Highwall Mining, LLC, SHM Machine #46 is under lease to Grizzly Highwall Mining, LLC.


Organized: 03/17/03

Organized to purchase Superior Highwall Mining Machines and support equipment such as cutting heads, loaders, trucks, etc., to be leased to affiliated companies for the highwall mining process.

Currently owns three SHM Highwall Mining Machines and various support equipment.