Grizzly Highwall Mining, LLC

Affiliated Companies – Grizzly Highwall Mining, LLC

Formed in February of 2006 to contract highwall mine coal for United Coals, Inc. in Barbour and Harrison Counties, West Virginia with the #46 machine.

In August of 2007, Grizzly moved its SHM #46 machine to Kanawha County, West Virginia to contract for Raven Crest Contracting, Inc.

In May of 2008 Grizzly moved its #46 machine to Barbour County, West Virginia and entered into a Contract Mining Agreement with J.B. Energy, LLC. Grizzly perfected the gamma system in the Pittsburgh seam maintaining a direct ship coal product to Harrison Power Plant. Also, Grizzly developed a methane displacement system in order to mine the “very gassy” Pittsburgh seam.

In April 2010, Grizzly moved its #46 miner to Mingo County in West Virginia to mine for CAM Mining, LLC in the Cedar Grove Coal Seam.

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Organized: 02/06/06

Organized to remove coal by the highwall mining methods for various compaines.

Companies mined for:

  • Relavation Energy
  • United Coals
  • J.B. Energy
  • Raven Crest Contracting, Inc.
  • CAM Mining, LLC

Operates SHM Machine #46 and auxiliary support equipment leased from affiliated company Contour Highwall Mining, LLC.